02 February 2017

The words we lost

[29 December 2016]
I better note this down before I procrastinate further and forget about it.

Hana is really developing a lot with her speech now. She never fail to amaze us with new words and funny sentence structure.

As she grows and learns, she expands her vocabulary and along the way, some of the cute special Hana words were lost.

This is a tribute to the cute words we have lost.

Elephant - "Ah-ssi"
For the longest time, she kept calling elephants Ah-ssi and it was so funny cause she would see the flash card and said AH-SSI with so much confidence! We have no idea why its ah-ssi and we think she thinks she is saying elephant when she said it or she thinks she heard us saying elephant as ah-ssi? who knows! hahahaaha

Penguin - "Icky"
This is really cute too. We didn't know it was penguin until we saw her pointing at a card or a penguin in a book. She said 'icky' and from that day, we found out that she refers penguin as icky. 

Pacifier - "Fuffy"
Awwww, I think J misses this the most! We never called the pacifier in a more baby-friendly way like how some says it as jot-jot, dodo, dummy etc. We have always called it pacifier and somehow Hana decided to give it a special name - Fuffy. It took me a while to get it cause the first time she said it, I thought she was saying 'flower' hahahaahaha #lousymum but eventually, thanks to the combined effort of my mum and me, we finally deciphered it when we saw her held on to the pacifier, looked at it and said "fuffy".

Lion - "Lai-ee"
She started saying lion (or lai-ee) from the baby Einstein video we played for her. It has a part about animals in the jungle and they introduced lion, tiger, elephant and monkey. She repeated after the video and said lai-ee! so cute omg. I think this is one of her first few words!

Sea turtle - "See-ta"
Pretty much the same back story as lion. Its also from baby Einstein video!

Butterfly - "Fah-fly"
This is almost the same story as elephant. its from a flash card. We also have a 4 pieces butterfly puzzle and she loved it when I pieced them together for her to pull them apart hahahaaha.

Avocado - "Ah-bu-ba"
It was awesome when she started to name food. We usually show her the food we are preparing and will tell her that she is gonna have it soon. J will be prepping the food and I will carry her close and let her watched J do it. We gave her avocado one day and said, 'Have some avocado, Hana.' to which she replied 'ah-bu-bah' hahahahaahaha

Strawberry - "Sor-sor-bee"
Strawberry has a few versions. it changes quite a lot but she stuck with sor-sor-bee for a long time hahahaha I love it a lot when she sees them in the supermarket and calls it out loud 'SOR-SOR-BEE'. gotta love her confidence <3


That's some of the words we've lost now. At 24 months old, she doesn't say any of the above special hana words she created anymore, which is a bit sad cause J and I love that we are the only ones who understood her Hana's language hahaahaa but I guess its inevitable!

It's so true when they say 'once the moment is gone, its lost forever.'

I understand now why people always want their kids not to grow up. Its cute moments like these! They happened and once they outgrow a certain phase, that's it.

As parents, we gain and loose moments so fast. Its such a joy to watch our fragile baby grow into a little person and we only have more to experience cause being a parent is a lifelong job!

13 January 2017

Hello 2017

[13 January 2017]
Erm, hello 2017! Here I am 13 days late to the party haha #malaysianstyle and of all days, I choose to post on Friday, the 13th! What a way to start 2017 on the blog.

Well, just here to note down that 2016 has been a great year of ups and downs - both in their respective extremes. A lot has happened but it certainly makes way to a better year.

I think I tell this to myself every year and probably every month and every week, I will start to post more here but reality is, I haven't been doing so. I have to admit that the biggest reason to this is that I am so used to micro-blogging on Dayre that when it comes to my blog, I don't know what I can post anymore. Add in the combination of me being lazy with transferring pictures, its almost a huge chore to draw up a post now.

Its all about effort I guess, and I admit I am being lazy.

As much as I love Dayre, when I read some of my old posts on blogger, I hate myself for allowing spider webs to grow here.

Time to kick my lazy bum and procrastinate less!

I am gonna start afresh here for 2017. Not gonna pressure myself to finish all backlog posts before I can start on new ones because its gonna take FOREVER. 

Hoping for another great year in 2017. A lot of exciting things coming up and I have a lot of ideas. Not gonna stress myself too much on anything yet cause they are all very very premature but its definitely something to look forward to.

Happy New Year everyone and cheers to a better year for us in 2017!

21 December 2016

When Hana meets Kei

[9 August 2016]
Oh gosh, another way overdue post (4 months haha) but what the heck. If I don't post this, I can never move on to newer posts!

Alright, so this was my first meal after I pop a baby out - carrot cake, carrot orange juice and a nut bar. I was very thirsty so I gulped the juice pretty quick.
Not long after that, dinner was served. I chose salmon with mashed potatoes and broccoli. It also comes with a soup. I think its some tomato soup, cant remember it now and this is why I should never procrastinate on blogging!

Sorry for the blurry pic, I think the epidural hasn't worn off completely hahahaha and let's face it, I am no food blogger.
Lovely evening view of this amazing city I love. I was very excited waiting for my friends to arrive cause not only they are bringing me my favourite food (pizza), they have also kindly offered to pick up my mum and Hana!

Super thankful for that cause it's rush hour and I know how horrible the traffic can be.

That said, I miss Hana a lot!! I also can't wait to introduce Kei to her and tell her that its the baby from mummy's big tummy haha.
As you can tell from the picture, she...wasn't very keen to meet the baby hahahahaaha

I think its more of everyone's attention on her so she does not feel at ease. We kept shoving the baby in front of her and she probably doesn't know how to react. To be fair, she is not even 2 years old hahahaha she probably really doesn't know whats going on.

Look at her expression tho hahaahahaha it's like she is gonna burst out in tears.  
Really glad Denise bought a "its a boy" balloon cause Empress Hana loves balloons!

She immediately smiled and was all jolly happy again with the balloon in hand. Omg was this just 4 months ago? She looks so different now. She is so babyish in these pictures! I swear 4 months is like 4 years with toddlers. 
Yeap, thats me and my big aloha chicken pizza. IT WAS SO GOOD!

It is kinda a tradition now to buy Dominos when my friends visit me after I deliver. I told them the next time we buy Dominos, its not gonna be me in bed already hahahahaaha. Let's hope I can finally be the one visiting!

I wanted to hold and hug Hana so much but it was a bit tough as I was still recovering and with the iv drip still intact, I was not very mobile. I did not like that part!
Here's my mum with her 2nd grandchild <3 Thank you for taking care of Hana while I was in labour, Mami! If not, I will probably be delivering alone and J had to look after Hana.
Slowly into the night, Hana showed a bit more interest in Kei. She will stare at him and we even caught her using her finger to touch him hahahahahaa it was so funny. 

We told her its baby and asked her to say hello to baby. She will gently inch closer to Kei to have a better look and cautiously poked him. Awwww, I honestly can't wait till both of them can play together - that's what siblings are for, right?

Around midnight, Hana started to get a bit cranky so I had to say goodbye to her and my mum. Really thankful that my mum was able to take care of Hana while I was still in the hospital. It helps a lot to have peace of mind and I get to focus on breastfeeding Kei.

My post natal recovery second time went pretty well, maybe because my body knows what's happening already. I was able to get out of bed and walked around the same day. We checked out the following day after my gynae gave the green light and that was it!

03 November 2016

2.0 birth story

[9 August 2016]
Whaddap! About time I get to finish this post hahahaha

After 2 ctg monitoring in a week, this little cheeky baby still doesn't want to come out. Apparently, according to the ctg readings, I was having mild contractions (what!) so we thought to wait for it a bit before going for induction to see if baby will pick his own day to enter the world. We waited to the allowed maximum period, which is week 41 but still no signs of labour.

So we went ahead to check in for baby to be induced.

Was really hoping baby is gonna choose 8th August to enter the world but he thinks otherwise. Obviously didn't get the Chinese memo from me hahahahaa
Got hooked up with all sort of things.

As per doctor's instructions, we checked ourselves in around midnight. My mum came to KL and helped take care of Hana while my sister drove us to the hospital.

The nurse told me that they will insert a pill (prostaglandin) to start inducing process and see how my body (or baby) react to it. If I am still not dilated, then it will be the real deal which is some drip/hormones (clearly I'm not very good with technical terms haha).
My mild contractions. The digits in green is the contraction reading while the other one is the baby's heartbeat.
7am situation. Nurse came in and told me to change into another outfit haha

Apparently last night is more of a monitoring process. The pill didn't help much in speeding the dilation progress so the real deal is gonna start. They will put me on some syntocinon drip. 

Had my bowel cleared as well and they asked me if I wanted epidural - YES PLEASE

Got myself comfortable in the bed and the nurse hook the iv drip and all sorts of drips on me haha

Then comes the epidural.

Having epidural this time is very different from the previous time. This time, I wasn't in pain yet when the doctor administered it.

The last time I felt what pain relief means hahahaahaha cause I was 3 cm dilated and it was so so painful. I still remember the cool feeling of the liquid travelling through my back. 

This time though, not so much. Maybe its cause I wasn't in extreme pain.

I personally prefer the doctor who administered epidural for me the last time (more on that later).

After epidural, around 10am, my gynae came to check on me and update me on how its gonna be. He also broke my waterbag - I didn't feel anything hahaahaha

Approaching 1pm, I was 7-8cm dilated omg and this is where all the drama starts.
For some reason unknown to me, I was given extra oxygen hahaahahaha

I started to feel pain and the pain got more intense everytime. I beeped the nurse and asked her why am I feeling pain??? (so bimbo i know hahaha) I thought I have epidural on? Have they already lowered the epidural dosage?

She checked and told me the dosage is still the same.

Then she asked me which side do I feel painful and I told her left. She positioned my body and the pain was a bit bearable. I guess it was the way I was lying that affected the epidural? I can't be sure.

It wasn't long before I started feeling extreme pain again.

There it was, the tummy hardening, the back pain, the pressure


Beeped the nurse again.

She checked and told me I'm still around 8cm dilated, not fully dilated yet.


I was squeezing J's hands so hard everytime a contraction hits. I was crying in silence and with tears rolling down my cheeks, I told J "last one, bee. no more kids." haha so drama I know.
Beeped the nurse for the hundredth time and this time she asked me if I wanted the gas. I was willing to take anything at that point if it means reducing the pain.

The nurse gave me the laughing gas, which did nothing at all =___=

Maybe I was too used to the pain relief from epidural that any kinda pain relief that has lesser effect than that is totally useless to me.

The nurse taught me how to use it and asked me to breathe in 1,2,3 then breathe out but because I was crying before and my nose was all runny, I coundn't really take deep breaths. HAHA.

super drama.

I was in tears when I told the nurse 'I can't, I can't breathe.'

"my nose. Its stuck. tissue please.'

The nurse handed me tissue and I blew my nose *yucks*

Then I tried again.

It was better, I can breathe LOL but it didn't help much to be honest. I told J this gas tasted like vanila hahahahaa and he looked at me like I was crazy.

Each time a contraction kicks in, I was squeezing J's hand so tight, looking at him sobbing. oh gosh, I really do not know how women did it with no epidural. I tried to take in deep breaths, it worked a bit but it was still horrible.

Beeped the nurse again (yea, again haha) and asked WHY IS IT SO PAINFUL! 
I mean look at me. I just want this to end ady!!!

This time though, the nurse asked me if I feel like I have the urge of pushing. I said 'no' but its damn painful. She checked and said, I can start pushing anytime (OMG) but asked me to wait for doctor to come.

While waiting, I started to feel the urge of pushing. Baby is crowning and I can feel intense pressure. It was so painful like I needed to do a MASSIVE HUMONGOUS NO. 2. I told the nurse YES YES I FEEL LIKE I WANA PUSH.

TUNGGU TUNGGU (WAIT WAIT) TUNGGU DOKTOR DATANG. (wait for the doctor to arrive)

Then I saw my doctor walked in, put on his robe (whatever you called it), sat in front of me and asked me to PUSH


For each push, I had to keep pushing for at least 10 seconds, best is 15 seconds. My whole face was all red and I feel like my skin is gonna burst from pushing.

After 3 or 4 pushes, I felt it. I felt him sliding out of me. Kinda like a big chunk of menstrual but obviously its way bigger hahahaahaha. 
My boy is finally out! The nurse placed him on my tummy (weird) for skin to skin then carried him to clean him up and give him his first vacci.
Hello handsome <3
Let the feet obsession starts haha
Had a go at breastfeeding and this boy took to it like a champ.
Welcome to the world, baby Kei!
Mummy is already head over heels in love with you.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is how I became a mother of 2 haha. 

After about 10-15 minutes of cuddling session, the nurse took him away so I can rest properly. I was telling J I didn't see the doctor pressing my tummy to massage the placenta out this time or maybe I was too distracted with Kei to have noticed it happening.

J told me the doctor didn't. Kei came out and pulled the placenta with him hahahahaaha - good boy, Kei!

I think the after effect of epidural hit me and I vomitted after that chat. Then I started to feel tired so I just lie back, stare at Kei's pics on my phone and waited for the nurse to wheel me to the ward.

It was a very different birthing experience and this time, I really felt what it's like to be pushing a baby out haha cause with Hana, I had a fever and we had to deliver her quick even though I wasn't fully dilated.

I finally get to the end of this post woohooo. I'm gonna blog about recovery next. hehehee till the next post!

02 November 2016

Second pregnancy - 6th check up at week 37

[15 July 2016]
Week 37 check up!

Jagiya went with me for the check up. I told her I can uber to the hospital and will meet her there instead. No need to trouble her to come and pick me up. 

This was an awesome yet funny check up. 

Awesome cause we got to see 2.0's face yo!!!

Funny cause we almost get a scare when doctor said 'baby girl, right' 


I looked at jagiya and I swear both our faces froze.

Of course, its the baby's position. Doctor scanned around more and said its a boy hahahahaahaha have to be right cause the last 3 visits the baby is also a boy!

some stats for this check up -

Mum - 62.5kg
2.0 - 2.89kg

I gained 300g more since 3 weeks ago. 100g a week oh my hahahahaa

2.0 is growing very well. Doctor said he shall be around 3kg+ at birth. 

J couldn't see 2.0's face from the ultrasound pic. My sis even circle the facial parts but he still couldn't get it hahaahaa. It was really funny.

You can read more of what happened on that day on my Dayre

05 August 2016

Second pregnancy - 5th check up at week 34

[21 June 2016]
My check up was at 5pm this time - so late! Glad my sis is able to accompany me for the check up. I had a meeting before that and after the meeting, I was just loitering around in the mall waiting for 5pm to come hehehee.

It was a good me-time for me as I get to do some shopping (need more loose clothes for the bump!), enjoyed a nice cuppa hot chocolate and a slice of yummy cheesecake!
Week 34 check up! As usual, it starts off with the nurse taking my weight and blood pressure. Then off they sent me to the toilet with a urine container wahahaaha.

At week 34, I am at 62.2kg!

I started off my pregnancy at 53kg so I am gaining close to 10kgs already. 
And here's my handsome prince wahahahaahaa haven't even met him yet but I am already calling him handsome. Oh well, he is gonna be handsome in my eyes #biasmum

2.0 is 2.3kg. Doctor said his weight gain is good, my water level is good, urine test came back okay and no sign of GD (means I can keep eating ice cream haha).

Doctor also had the speakers on. My sis and I got to enjoy a good 10 seconds of 2.0's heartbeat <3

That's about it. 6 more weeks to week 40 yo!

26 July 2016

Second pregnancy - 4th check up at week 27

[6 May 2016]
Hello bump! Its week 27 and I'm about to go for my 4th check up. I was planning to uber my way to the hospital but my awesome bestie told me she is free to drive me there.

So happy! We had a nice breakfast and managed to catch up a bit too before it's time for my appointment!
Hahahahahaa, please do not ask me which part of the baby we are looking at cause I have no idea at all. 

All I know is doc said baby is growing well and the head is down. Placenta and water level are good. He also showed me the baby's spine and thigh one. Not that it doesn't matter, but I always wana see 2.0's face - its more exciting haha.

He confirmed again that 2.0 is a boy and he had the speakers on for me to hear his heartbeat while showing me his heart <3 <3

So cute seeing that little dot blinking and hearing bip bop bip bop <3

My week 27 stats -

Mummy - 59.40 kg
2.0 - 1.03 kg

I gained 4kg in a month OMG I checked on my previous post when I was pregnant with Hana at week 29, I was 60kg.

Its 2 weeks away from week 29 and I'm already approaching 60kg now hahahaahaha this 2.0 is definitely making me put on more weight!
Ohai big bump! I can't see my mei mei ady hahahaahaha

Oh yea, I told doc about Hana's incident as well and that I went into the radiology room with her when they needed to take x-ray of her hand.

I wasn't holding Hana during the scan, J was. I was stood in another room watching them but I thought to just let the doc know about it and asked his opinion.

He said its fine and asked me not to worry. The radiation level is no difference than me flying! Pheww, I dont think it matters too since I was in another room watching the whole scan but its good to hear it from a doc - gives me peace of mind hehehe

3 more weeks to week 30 and then its another 10 weeks to the finishing line. Time really flies for this pregnancy!

22 July 2016

Second pregnancy - 3rd check up at week 23

[5 April 2016]

Week 23 check up! I took a couple of hours from work for this check up and since J is on holiday, he will be able to come to the check up with me =)

Check up went well. Doctor confirmed again that we are having a boy haha.

During the ultrasound scan, he told us we are looking at 2.0's face but I honestly couldn't make out any of it hahhaahaha

Doc said baby has big eyes cause he sees the eye socket LOL again, I see no eye socket, just a dark image hahahahaaha

Doc tried his best to explain again and told us we were looking at 2.0's side profile and pointed at the screen identifying 2.0's cheeks but said it might looks like batman to us now cause the cheeks are not full.

hahahahaahahahahaa omg I laughed when he said batman! Batman or not, I couldn't make out anything!!

Anyway, things are all going well. I am 55.80kg and baby is 490g! Both mummy and baby are growing well =)

I got back to work after the check up and who would have thought that after a few hours, I was actually back in the hospital for Hana's surgery.

01 July 2016

PUPPP, that pregnancy rash

[27 February 2016]

Yes, this happened!

Around week 17 into my 2nd pregnancy, I started to get rash. The itch started around my arms and slowly the skin at my leg started itching too.

I read my blog again on my trimester records and I encountered the same rash with my first pregnancy but it was only around week 23 and it started around the tummy.

Why is this round 6 weeks earlier? T____T

Looking at this pic again makes me shiver. I looked like I had some skin disease!

The thing is, the itch starts off at one tiny area and subconsciously, I will just scratch it for a bit to get rid of the itch but once I start the scratch, that's it!

Its like the itchiness spread and the more I scratch, the wider it spreads.

I ended up scratching my whole leg T_____T 
It was tough to fight against the itch cause my skin starts to get very sensitive. When I walk and the hem of my dress brushes my skin, it makes the skin itch. Any tiny contact with my skin seems to launch the itch and that itch is like burning fire on my skin.
It really is the whole leg T____T

The itch was so terrible that I'm worried of stretch marks from all the scratcheas and its really super uncomfortable when the itch hits. I had to hide in the toilet and looked like a monkey scratching myself non-stop to relieve the itch.

I really wana sulk and cry at time. damn you stupid itch!
Look at the red spots on my tummy T____T I don't want to have any scars or stretch marks please!
Imagine no more bikinis T_______T
Seeing me so kesian, Audrey kindly gave me this bottle of oil which she doesn't use anymore for me to try. I've heard and read good reviews about this Clarins oil but I was too stingy to splurge on it.

This time tho, I am willing to do anything to put a stop to it. Its getting out of control!

Damn oil really worked haha

Before this, I tried putting on lotion and oil to moisturize it but it didn't work. It seems like my skin absorb the moisture/oil really quickly and once its dry, the itch easily attacks.

I did tell my gynae about the itch when I went for a check up and he asked if I needed any medication. Luckily the oil works cause I rather not take any medication.

This Clarins oil is super oily and I think because it has essential oil in it, it has this light medicated smell and when I lather it on my skin, I can feel slight tingling/stinging sensation to it.

In less than a week, I ran out of the oil haha cause I had to lather it all over my body - tummy, arms, legs and boobs. Basically whole body so the itch has no area to attack!

Since my skin dries up quickly, I had to apply it 3 times a day - morning, noon and night!

Spent a bomb getting a new bottle cause there was some promotion going on and I ended up buying extra haha!

It works really well for me. I used the shower gel (right in pic), then apply a layer of the stretch mark control cream (left in pic) and lastly the miracle oil!

My itch stopped and I finished the whole bottle of oil in a month! I was on savings mode so to date, I still haven't got another bottle. I was surviving on the stretch mark control cream until it ran out on me a few weeks ago.

The itch has stopped as well and that was why I was not in a rush to get a new bottle but now that I am into my last trimester where the belly grows TREMENDOUSLY, I think its time to get a new bottle and protect my skin!

29 June 2016

Failed BB2 gender announcement photoshoot

[28 February 2016]
Yay, so after we found out about 2.0's gender, we thought it would be fun to make a gender announcement haha not like we are famous people but any excuse to take more pictures these day!

J made this little sign and we brought Hana to the pool for a little photoshoot!
She was pretty co-operative! J was the one handling the camera while I was the clown trying to make her smile and look at us.

Boy, kids really don't take directions AT ALL hahahahaaha. We were pretty lucky that she was holding the sign up and looking at us.

However, out of the 20-30 shots we took, we didn't get one that we are super satisfied. we had to call it a day cause she started to get cranky and its time for her nap.

That same day, we were back in Seremban and I thought, hmmm she had her nap, i can get help from my mum who is always able to make Hana smile and I have my sis who is the best photographer in the family!

Yeap, we brought her to the playground for part 2 of the photoshoot hehehe.
Well, lets just that it didn't go very well hahahaahahaha she was obviously distracted by all the fun things in the playground.
she was looking everywhere but not at the camera
When she does, we can't read the sign haha
we tried our luck by changing to a different position
We really struggled to get her to hold the sign properly hahahaha
She was flapping the sign like its a handkerchief!
"what are we doing here, popo?"
behind the scenes
 I think after about 50-60 pictures, we gave up hahahahaaha
Hana says "I've had enough!"
Of all the pictures, this one was actually pretty funny and good!
Yeap, and that's how we got the best picture of the day haha!

It's really not easy getting a toddler to adhere to instructions, I mean I don't blame her. She probably thinks we are nuts hahahaahaha. Add the fact that she can now run and move around so easily, its really tough to get her to stay still in a spot to get decent pictures.

Having said that, it was fun and we certainly had a good laugh doing it!